But let’s know more about each other first
We want to work with you
We want to work with you
But let’s know more
about each other first
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Our roots

Quinoa is the “golden grain of the Andes” and was the daily diet of the Inca civilization, more than 5,000 years ago. Just like quinoa we provide “healthy ingredients” to your marketing strategy.

There’s never been a stronger demand for more sustainable and plant-based products in the world and we want to work with you to launch and grow your business and participate in your efforts to make a global impact.

The secret ingredient to your plant-based business

We are Patricia and Emmanuel, cofounders of Quinoa marketing. We are vegan, and we started a successful multilingual digital marketing agency 13 years ago.

We decided to align our agency with our values in order to help companies like yours grow its business. We are passionate about plant-based and sustainable lifestyles. As vegans, we are likely to share your vision and understand the needs of both your company and customers.

More than just passionate, we are professionals. Our team is supervised by Patricia Maroday, certified vegan coach from the Main Street Vegan Academy and certified vegan nutritionist from the Cornell University. Thanks to our team of experts, we can create engaging and high-quality content for your community.

We enable you to change the world. It all starts with a call.

What can we cook for you?

Our goal is to increase the reach of brands that share our values. If your work is sustainable, environmentally conscious, and ethically sourced, we want to work with you.

We provide services from branding to marketing and public relations for plant-based and sustainable products and services.  Thanks to our years of expertise, we can help you reach English speaking as well as Hispanic audiences.

For brands that seek international expansion, we have also created the first plant-based influencers network across Latin America ton help you reach faster your target audience. From ethical travel to foodies, including cruelty-free fashion, the influencers we work with can help you improve your brand image and increase your reach quickly.

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